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Message From Frank Jr.

Hello everyone and welcome back to the Frazetta Art Museum.

It has been nearly half a decade since we last brought you the most comprehensive information pertaining to Frank Frazetta.

Frazetta Museum

With the sudden passing of my parents, everything pertaining to the Frazetta estate had to be reorganized for the business to run efficiently as a team. This initialed the museum, the pending business ventures along with the web-site. Four trustees had to be appointed to various positions and develop a working relationship within the compound. Each trustee has a specific roll to play to ensure the Frazetta legacy will move forward.

But the most exciting news to date is the purchase of my parents estate, where both their home and Museum resides. Other than the obvious sentimental reasons is the future plans for the gallery. With my one hundred percent ownership of the estate property, honoring my parents' wishes will be at the forefront of all matters. My main objective is the preservation of his art and museum while continuing his lifelong legacy. With help from my immediate family, my wife Lori, and four children, we are confident their wishes will be honored at the highest level.

With the money generated from sales on this site along with the museum revenues, preserving the art and maintaining the property is my first objective. Secondly, I will aim to raise enough capital to break ground on phase one of our dreams.

Phase one will be a 750 sq. ft addition onto the existing structure to house an art academy for children 15 years of age and younger. It will focus on the younger generations ability to enhance their imagination by means my father taught me.

Other than generating images with the use of computers or other electronic devices, there are numerous ways to stimulate your creativity with music and light. Though the new era of technology creates amazing results with aid of computers, my father and I both felt it has bypassed the gift we as humans were blessed with- the use of our mind and being able to manifest our thoughts on paper. Everything seems to be done through a keyboard today, eliminating the inner satisfaction and joy that fills us by hands on contact. It surges through one's body in close relation to the final results we have created and heightens the appreciation for its splendor. Listening to selective classical music alone will enhance the children's imagination to a higher level.

Frazetta Museum

My father was old school, and though he had nothing against the new technological advances, especially in photography, he emphasized nothing will replace what senses God has given us.

A true artist is one who creates; and nothing will give you more satisfaction than something you created directly from your imagination. Sadly though, this is something that cannot be taught- it can only be acquired through skill or dexterity.

We have plans for five separate phases incorporating a variety of art related ideas to upgrade the museum's appearance, while also making it interactive for the fans enjoyment.

Some of the upgrades include a theater seating under 20 people showing numerous biographies and art related films, and also a life size bronze Death Dealer statue. With your continued support of the Frazetta art Museum we hope that all of our dreams can become a reality as my parents had planned for.

With my father passing and no longer being a short walk across the field, life hasn't been the same for my family. He was a big part of our daily lives and will always have a special place in or hearts. Though his physical presence is no longer before us, the time we spent together will never be forgotten. The void where he once stood is filled with the fond memories we can look back on.
My father understood how precious life was and that joy came from within and not from material things. He found an inner passion for life that could be achieved without leaving his studio. His personal joy came from the simplest things that life had to offer. There was absolutely nothing in his life more important than his immediate family, even ahead of his amazing art career. Every choice he made was aimed to make his loved ones' lives better. Though he was not a college graduate or a highly educated individual pertaining to scholastic skills, his intellect for pursuing life at its highest level was never compromised.

Frazetta Museum Online

He never complained about his ailments, regardless the nature of its forth coming. He woke up every day with a smile, a cup of coffee in hand and a camera perched on top of his rectangular table in his studio.

On his 72nd Birthday I asked him, "Hey Pop, if you had a choice to live in top physical condition until you were 85, or in poor physical ailing health until 100, what would your choice be?" Without hesitation he replied, "Are you kidding me, give me the years!". That answer showed me exactly how much he valued the life before him.

Again, my family welcomes you back to our web-pages for all of your Frazetta needs and information. If there are any questions that you have pertaining to Frazetta art or museum, contact us at 570-269-6894, or the museum phone at 570-872-9655. Be sure to leave a message if there is no answer and I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I am able.


The museum was scheduled to reopen in late 2013, but due to the necessary upgrades and repairs it will reluctantly have to wait until early next spring. However, I do hope to have a few random fundraisers later this fall so that patrons can make suggestions along with getting the word out that the Frazetta Museum is open.

Once again, we thank you for the continued support of the Frazetta Art Museum and keeping all of our dreams alive.

Sincerely yours'

Frank Frazetta JR and Family

Frazetta Art Museum

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